DShutdown (v1.72.7)

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Category: System (Shutdown Manager)
Language: EN, IT & others
License: Freeware (authorization)
Rating: 4
Size: 0.7 MB / 0.7 MB
Authors: Dimitrios Coutsoumbas (software)
Description: It is a program that allows you to easily shutdown local or remote PCs, with many specific options. DShutdown supports more than just standard shutdown options, there are options relating to "pure" shutdown (such as the "force after wait" option which causes a forced, but 'clear' shutdown). There are monitoring options that allow you to shutdown a PC after a particular application terminates (useful at the end of compressing several files). There are also options to shutdown a PC when Internet traffic reduces below a particular data-rate (useful to shutdown a PC when it has finished a large download).