- Skins

Since version 6.60 the Suite supports two modality of use: with the classic menu or with the new skinned menu. Download skins you want, extract them in the "Launcher\MenuThemes" folder and restart the Suite. You can change the modality and the skin from "Options->Various->System Tray".

Base     Blue     Red     Green     Black    

Extra     Molock     Aluminum    Wood     Dark    

Paper     Gangster    Neon Blue    Trascend Sule   Frosted Glass  

South West   Venice Glass   Glamour    Surf     Fantasy Bule  

Fantasy Wing   Vista   Camaro    Base JPG    Colors    

Displays    Fuchsia    VRetro    XP    Moon   

Brasil Canela    Brasil Missoes    Brasil Rio    Super Mario    Puppeteer   

Grey    The Avengers    Bamboo    Dragon 1    Dragon 2   

Lady Samurai   Toxic    Warrior Legend  Metal