Virus detected?

Some antiviruses report the presence of dangerous files (malware, trojans, viruses...) in Lupo PenSuite: they are false positives. The Suite is checked with different antivirus engines and is completely clean.

- False positive reasons
Many files of the Suite are compressed with UPX (this compression makes the whole Suite smaller and keeps each file useable with its extension). Sometimes these files are detected as dangerous by antiviruses, even if they are secure.
In some rare cases certain programs are reported by antiviruses because they allow for example to shutdown remote PCs, to scan ports, to check IPs, to recover passwords etc. These applications are not dangerous, but antiviruses alert that they could be used for bad aims.

- To solve the problem
Instead of removing these files, you can previously check them with an online virus scanner to verify its dangerousness. First of all you have to stop your antivirus (only temporarily, to check files), start "ArcThemALL!" (included in the Suite) and use it to unpack files reported by your antivirus. After this decompression very likely your antivirus do not detect these files as dangerous anymore.
Now you can send each suspicious file to VirusTotal, to check it with several antivirus engines. Finally you can report them with a message to our team.

- Known false positives
"...\Apps\7-Zip Portable\App\7-Zip\7z.exe" by eSafe, F-Secure, Norman, Panda
"...\Apps\7-Zip Portable\App\7-Zip\7z.sfx" by eSafe, Norman, Panda
"...\Apps\7-Zip Portable\App\7-Zip\7zCon.sfx" by eSafe, Panda
"...\Apps\Audacity\msvcr90.dll" by eSafe, McAfee-GW-Edition, SuperAntiSpyware
"...\Apps\DShutdown\RDShutdown Setup Utility.exe" by AVG, Comodo, eSafe
"...\Apps\eMule\eMule.exe" by NOD32, nProtect, Sunbelt, Symantec
"...\Apps\FDM Lite\fdmwi.exe" by eSafe, Sophos
"...\Apps\Games\Portable Puzzles\Portable Puzzles.exe" by AntiVir, eSafe, McAfee-GW-Edition, Prevx
"...\Apps\Games\Portable Puzzles\puzzles\fifteen.exe" by many antivirus engines
"...\Apps\Games\Portable Puzzles\puzzles\lightup.exe" by eSafe, Panda, TrendMicro
"...\Apps\GIMP Portable\App\Gimp\bin\libcurl-4.dll" by eSafe, McAfee-GW-Edition
"...\Apps\GIMP Portable\App\Gimp\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins\web-browser.exe" by eSafe, Symantec, TrendMicro
"...\Apps\Universal Extractor\bin\InstExpl.dll" by Clam, eSafe
"...\Apps\Universal Extractor\bin\Unp\Bzip2_3.unp" by AntiVir, eSafe, Panda, SecureWeb-Gateway, TrendMicro
"...\Launcher\ASuite.exe" by AVG, eSafe, McAfee-GW-Edition