YoyoCut (v2.5.0.206)

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Category: Utility (File Splitting Tool)
Language: EN, FR
License: Open Source GPL (source)
Rating: 3
Size: 0.2 MB / 0.2 MB
Authors: Yoyo (software)
Description: It helps you split files or whole directories (including subdirectories) into parts of 1.44 MB or other sizes. It optionally creates a batch file for rejoining the files, and the timestamps of the original files will be restored. It is able to merge files spitted with many other apps (CutKiller, DecoupFich 2.0, HJSplit, File Splitter 4.5, MaxSplitter 1.53, UltraSplitter, Xtremsplit 1.x, Cut4Net2, MaxSplit Pro 3.1, Splitty 3.0, Turbo Cut File 2.21, Koup-Koup XP and others).