Lupo PenSuite (v2016)

- Information

Lupo PenSuite is a completely free collection of portable programs and games. This Suite is designed to simplify the user's life, by collecting the best suites and portable applications available on the Web.
Optimized to be loaded on a USB flash drive and brought always with you, this Suite works perfectly well on any other device. It includes over 160 highly selected portable programs and games (7-Zip, Audacity, CCleaner, eMule, FileZilla, Firefox, GIMP, Instantbird, IrfanView, Notepad++, Opera, SumatraPDF, Thunderbird, µTorrent, VLC and many more).
You can also easily customize your suite adding portable apps from our broad software database. All you need in one package.

- Downloads

Lupo PenSuite Full
[archive 380MB - in use 990MB]
Lupo PenSuite Lite
[archive 140MB - in use 340MB]
Lupo PenSuite Zero
[archive 3MB - in use 5MB]
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- Extra

Language packs:

English (included in the main package)

Arabic Brazilian (Port.) Catalan
Chinese (Simpl.) Chinese (Trad.) Czech
Danish Deutsch Dutch
Finnish French Greek
Hungarian Italian Japanese
Korean Norwegian Polish
Portuguese Romanian Russian
Serbian Slovak Swedish
Spanish Turkish Ukrainian

Developers [multilanguage]

Video tutorials:

How to start with your Suite
How to change aspect of your Suite
How to add applications to your Suite  (alternative textual tutorial)
How to update your Suite  (alternative textual tutorial)
How to manage the menu of your Suite

Additional apps:

Download additional apps
Apps that can not be included


Download more skins


Download 64bit pack [additional package for 64bit systems]
Download Suite source code [Suite Launcher + Suite Manager + Suite Starter]